Tagsnapr is a platform for brands to present their best products and offers to our select audience.

If a product sold by Tagsnapr comes with a warranty, the warranty will be listed in the product details. A manufacturer or third-party warranty supersedes a Tagsnapr warranty in all cases when a manufacturer or third-party warranty is available, so if you are seeking warranty coverage please make sure you’re pestering the right people. If the product is covered under a manufacturer or third-party warranty, you can find their contact information in the product details under “Warranty”. If you are unable to find the contact information, please feel free to get in touch with Tagsnapr Customer Service for assistance.

If your product is covered under Tagnspr’s limited warranty, read on for more information.

Tagsnapr Limited Warranty

And we do mean “limited”

Look, both of us want the same things, right? Love. A sense of purpose A clean exchange of quality goods for money. But sometimes in this crazy world, things take a wrong turn. Products break. Tempers flare. Angry emails are composed and maybe even sent. So before it gets ugly and we both say things we regret, let’s just lay it all on the line right off the bat. Here’s what your Tagsnapr warranty does and does not get you.

What is covered: Any defect or malfunction in products sold with a Tagsnapr warranty. A Tagsnapr  warranty applies to the original purchaser only and is non-transferable. The Tagsnapr warranty is valid only in India.

What is not covered: Products sold on Tagsnapr with a manufacturer warranty, batteries, any problem that is caused by abuse or misuse of the product, or products described as “crap” or “crappy”. We think you knew that last one already, but it bears repeating.

For how long: Unless otherwise noted in the product details, a Tagsnapr warranty covers a period up to 90 days. The Tagsnapr warranty starts on the date of purchase, or until human civilization is destroyed by marauding creatures from beneath the Earth’s crust, whichever comes first.

What Tagsnapr will do: Replace the product or, upon customer request or if a replacement is no longer available, refund the purchase price. Tagsnapr will also send positive vibes out to the cosmos on behalf of the purchaser, providing purchaser does not harsh our mellow.

How to Get Service: Contact Tagsnapr Customer Service. If your product is covered under a Tagsnapr warranty, a Tagsnapr representive will issue you an Ticket No. to return the product to Tagsnapr; you are responsible for shipping the product to Tagsnapr at your expense. Returned products must be received by Tagsnapr in the same condition as received by the customer.

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