Grow wings for a while

Grow wings for a while Wings, even if they’re motorized! There’s not a single one of us who didn’t grow up wanting to fly a plane. Or have dreams of soaring in the sky, limitless and free. While we might have given those ambitions up and kept dreaming those dreams at the end of a

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Fitness trends this year
Fitness and health

Five fitness routines that are going to be BIG this year

Five fitness routines that are going to be BIG this year                If you’ve been looking to get fitter by joining a class, it is very likely you’ve given up the idea at the onset (unless you are dogged) because of the crazy number of options you were presented

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Work Life Balance

Tagsnapr – A Solution for Employee Work Life Balance

Tagsnapr. A platform designed to meet employee work life balance requirements of Corporates in major Indian cities. It’s a unique platform in the sense that it provides a wide range of experiences in and around the city at attractive discounted prices just for corporate employees. Cycling, trekking, horse riding, bungee jumping, gliding, baking, workshops… there’s

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customized corporate gifting solutions bangalore

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